Your favourite plant in your garden - summer 2021?

What’s your favourite plant in your garden this summer? And what conditions is it in, shade, sun, damp soil, dry soil?

Lovely question. I’ll have a think and let you know. Julie

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My climbing rose Zepherine Drouhin.She was planted 18 months ago and is in partial shade. She not only looks beautiful she smells amazing too. Lots of buds.


This pure white foxglove, about 3 ft tall and with 8 flower heads. Can’t recall where I got it and wish I knew what sort it is. So much nicer than one huge tall spindly flower head. It glows at dusk. It’s beautiful


That’s a hard question! So far I think it’s been the Claude Shride martagon lilies growing in a pot on my patio with cool feet and sunshine on their heads. They’re stunning and the bees can’t get enough of them :blush: However

ask me again tomorrow and I may choose something different :laughing:


I agree, a hard one as each week I have a favourite!

But the one that has surprised me a Geum that I grew from seed, called Blazing Sunset. I picked up the seeds on a whim, as I love my Geum Mai Tai. I planted out the seedlings and forgot about them- they like fireworks in my beds, vivid red “pops” of colour. Very pleased with my £1.50 spent!


I have a different favourite depending on what is currently looking good. At the moment the surprise self seeded poppies look gorgeous! They hide the weeds and I don’t feel so bad about a part of the garden I am struggling to keep on top of- bonus!


I can never think of one favourite, but at the moment there’s a rose with a special connection that would qualify. There were several plants of it growing along a pergola in the garden of the house I grew up in. We had no idea what it was, but neither my parents nor grandparents had planted it, so assumed it might have been part of the original planting of the garden (1913). My partner and I took a cutting for our first garden, and from that plant took a cutting now growing in our current garden. As it’s the last rose to flower, there’s a sense of anticipation in its blooming. We thought, from books, that it might be ‘Blush Rambler’, and after seeing a Blush Rambler at Penshurst a few summers ago, are pretty confident that’s right. It grows (in clay soil with little attention or feeding) in full sun, on an arch with Clematis ‘Etoile Violette’ and a Rosa Moyesii.


I love plants that come with attachments like this, great success story and it looks beautiful!

Some fantastic plants everyone thanks for sharing! I can’t say I particularly have a favourite in our new garden yet as everything I’ve planted is so young it hasn’t flowered yet!

That said, I will always love the white foxgloves that pop up about the place from time to time.

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