Young apple trees, what's wrong

I purchased 3 fan trained apples earlier in the year.
I have had a big issue with aphids, but I am on a weekly squishing routine now. (Trying to be organic and was led to believe that predators would deal with them)
Anyhow, the leaves are now yellow. Internet gives me a huge variety of causes and I don’t know what’s the best course of action.

Any ideas on the best course of action?

Thank you


Hi and welcome, this could be a number of things, normally this sort of discolouring of leaves is brought on by a nutrient deficiency, possibly magnesium or nitrogen, so try feeding them with a good fruit tree fertilizer, or a good seaweed fertilizer. What is the soil like? another problem that could cause this is poor drainage or over watering so if you have clay soil it may need the drainage improved. Hope this helps,

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To add to what Nick said, I’ve had this happen in hot weather with new trees through heat stress or lack of water as they haven’t had a chance to spread their roots out.

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Thank you both. The tree was very wet, it’s possibly very dry now! I am watering less and I have ordered seaweed too.
Thank you again

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