Wisteria Advice

Hoping someone can advise me if there’s a wisteria that will successfully grow on a north facing wall. Thanks in advance for any tips :blush:

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I’ve been having a think and read since you asked earlier and I really can’t think of any that will flower on a north facing wall unfortunately. They will grow and survive but only with leaves now flowers, but let’s see if anyone else has some suggestions as you never know!

Is it just wisteria you want or would you consider alternatives?

For many years, I have tried to grow many things on a north facing balcony, that still gets both early morning and evening sun, in the long summer days of Scandinavia. I have had no luck with anything that flowers. However, a hybrid grapevine (Zilga, this being Stockholm) grows nicely on the trellis and produces lots of grapes, so that could be an alternative to wisterias that always crave for sun. If you crave for the blue colours, try a climbing blueberry from Tasmania.