Winter projects

I thought I would share some of the things we get up to over the winter months.
As we have so many trees on our site we pollard a lot so as our boundary fence was in disrepair I thought it was about time I showed the team how to do a bit of dead hedging. we made a double dead hedge by weaving the pollarded willow through cut stakes in effect making two hedges with a space in the middle which we could but all the garden debris into the middle of, this creates a great decorative boundary but also a fantastic wildlife habitat. my aim is to continue the hedge every winter until it replaces the existing boundary fence.


That’s fantastic Nick, very inspirational. Do you leave the willow to dry out first or is it unlikely to root? We have lots of willow I’ve cut down this year and I might give this a go somewhere. I wonder if it would work for compost bays.

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Thank you! we did not worry about letting the willow dry, it was unlikely to shoot, some throw out new buds but nothing has rooted. I don’t see why you couldn’t make compost heaps in this way, the dead hedge last for quite some time before breaking down, and the beauty of them is that as they break down you add more material.