When do you start sowing seeds in your polytunnel or greenhouse?

I’m interested in everyone’s diaries having taken on a polytunnel up in Yorkshire! A bit different to my windowsills in London.

i suppose it depends how warm it is. I have already started some veg seeds in the green house which is heated, Tomatoes, some beans, but nothing in the polytunnel yet but i have reaised beds in one so i may start sowing direct into them soon

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Hi Jack - I started lots of flowers and my tomatoes in a heated propagator in the house but I’ve moved quite a few into the GH now. It’s completely bubble-wrapped and I’ve also made a B-W tent over a big heat mat on the staging. They’ll be on that for a long time yet - I lost tomato plants in the greenhouse a couple of years ago because we had a sharp frost in May! I don’t plant beans until May 1st - I’ve tried earlier but they’re too big to keep in the GH before it’s warm enough to put them outside.


Thanks Lynne, that’s good news, I can relax a little bit! I sowed some hardy vegetables today in the polytunnel. I was going to hold off on tomatoes inside but will wait a little longer.