What's eating my broccoli?

Hi. I have some broccoli plants which are in a “cage” - covered in netting to protect them from pigeons and butterflies. Something is eating them at night. There is no evidence of slugs or snails. Has anyone any suggestions what it might be and what I should do?!!!

Take a close look for caterpillars. If not those and there are definitely no holes for rabbits or pigeons to get in, it will definitely be slugs or snails. I have found that copper tape stuck around rings of plastic cut from plastic bottles stops most of them until the plant has grown enough.

I can see you’ve added slug pellets and these are bait that attract slugs and snails to eat them. They’ve been applied more densely than is recommended, so this will actually be attracting more slugs and snails to your plants.

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Hi. Thanks very much for your reply. I can’t see any caterpillars. I will try to find some copper tape and try that. Hopefully there will still be some plants left to protect! Yes I think I may have overdone the slug pellets.Someone did suggest it could be mice?

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It could be mice yes although I don’t know them to eat plant matter so much. You could try pegging down the netting more securely too. I find small holed netting even stops the large snails.

The culprit has been identified! A field mouse. It has just come through the netting and bitten off a large leaf. It ran off when we made a noise but I think it will be back again. Thanks for your help.