What to do with greenfly?

Have an absolute swarm of greenfly on a black currant tree it’s new so no fruit just lots of baby fresh leaves. Asides from sprays and hand picking them off any other methods I can use at all?

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These days I leave all aphids to allow the predators to build up stronger numbers, they then eat them all when they catch wind of them. In my garden on badly infested plants I just hand wipe them off until the hover flies or ladybirds move in.


It is the time of the season…
I went out yesterday to check on a self-seeded artichoke that was completely swarmed with blackfly, to see if I needed to take any action, and found that the ladybirds has moved in - hooray!. :partying_face: I do flick them or hose them, espicially new/young plants, but mostly leave the predators to the job.

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What jack said! I had some on my strawberries in the polytunnel. By the time I noticed them there were huge clusters on the flower heads. Bad news. I squished what I could and the predators seems to deal with the rest. Ladybirds, hoverfly and some sort of beetle. The infestation didn’t spread to other plants so they obviously did the job.

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I blummin’ love this group. Thank you! I shall find all the ladybirds etc, they will have a great feed!


If the plants are tough enough hosing off is brilliant. I do this with broadbeans each year.

This is what I’ve been doing, hosing off, with varied effects. I’m absolutely overrun with aphids this year, anyone else? And why do they love my cardoons so much??

Poor you! I know it is distressing to see your plants inundated with pests. Unless the plants are small or weak, I would suggest persevering, hard as that is. Hosing off will help until predators arrive

My self-seeded artichoke was completely black. It still has a truly major infestation but last night I counted 18(!) ladybirds and a thick cloud of hoverflies, so work is in progress. (Poor quality pic was just taken in rain and wind, so I think they are sheltering like I am - only three in pic).

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