What is your personal type of allotment megalomania?

Allotments, small as they may be, still can provide a platform for excessive behaviour or gardening megalomania. The photo is a view of the allotment today, or part of it. The giant sarcophagus to the left is the contraption that is supposedly protecting the stem of the Japanese banana Musa basjoo from freezing. I get a lot of questions about the purpose of the giant sarcophagus, and occasionally I come up with new answers. Under the tarp there is a box made of styrofoam sheets that I inherited with the allotment. The styrofoam sheets dictated the size of the box since I did not want to cut them. I filled the styrofoam frame with woodchips from the allotment club. I guess the sarcophagus is the Stockholm version of allotment megalomania.

The allotments in central Stockholm have alleys that are open for visitors at all times, which means a steady flow of comments and questions, from visitors to the park and from fellow allotmenteers. Is that really a banana tree? (Yes). How big can a banana tree get? (Well it really is not a tree but a grass with pseudostem and they can become huge). Will you have bananas in the autumn? (I hope to become self-sufficient.) At least at some point I will hang some store-bought bananas in the pseudostem.

Now what is your personal form of allotment megalomania?


Haha I love that - you’ll have to hang some bananas on it! :slight_smile:

My allotment megalomania is in letting flowers run riot, I have a huge planted area full of self seeding plants and I like to see them spread around all over the place. I think many people see it as a messy weedy area until the summer when it is really colourful and full of flowers!