What do you use to protect brassicas?

On my old allotment I used to use wooden stakes with netting over the top of them, but I have to admit this was a major pain in the bum putting up every year in different spots, and also for getting in and out of the netting or weeding and harvesting.

I’m looking into something a bit more solid, like metal cages to support the netting.

But I wondered what everyone else does before I hand over the cash?


I use water pipe over canes and draped with scaffold mesh. With no dig you don’t have to resite really


HI, I am not a big brassica grower but I do like kale, both for salads and as a veg dish.

I personally did not want a large / permanent cage-type structure as they are quite pricey (if bought), and my garden is visible from the house so I would rather not see a garden full of cages, and with no huge numbers to cover, I have no real need. Also, I like to change things up a bit wrt crop placements and garden set-up.

Initially, I cover them with some mesh pop up covers that came with metal hooks to secure in the ground (so they don’t blow away). These are also useful as salad covers to discourage the felines from making a loo in my seed bed (once the plants have some growth, they are safe to remove). These fold up to a small size for storage, which is nice.

When the kale gets too big for these, I have some nice large metal hoops and vegemesh (free with an order yonks ago) to put over them Some old bricks and metal hooks (ebay) do the securing.

You can make hoops or rectagular structures from a number of things as well. Some people use canes, plastic piping, or bend found metal to make hoops. I treated myself to some plant supports and the hoops were a deal. so I got them :slight_smile:

Anyone else have any thoughts? Maybe the big brassica growers, lol?


Sounds like some wild and crazy brassicas, better keep them in cages. :grinning:

Same issue here. Right now thinking about making some kind of bamboo structures to support the netting. I see that the allotmenteers in the UK have access to hazel canes, cannot find any here.


Hi. Just ordered cages for broccoli ( 90cm high) and cabbages/pak choi ( 50cm high) from Gardening Naturally. Yes they were expensive but hopefully they will do the job and last a few years! Delivery due in 7 to 10 days so I can update when they arrive.

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I bought a cage a couple of year’s ago from Harrod Horticultural. It was expensive but is still good as new and keeps the birds off the brassicas. Worth the money! https://www.harrodhorticultural.com/vegetable-cages-cid232.html


Easy to move about each year


Thanks Ruth. We tried that website but they were out of stock. Hopefully the ones we have ordered will be as good.


I use netting over mdpe pipe hoops.

The pipe costs about £20 - £30 a roll. I use off cuts of pipe to make clips to hold the net in place


Sorry I just realised I never replied to this discussion! Thanks so much for all the suggestions everyone.

I bought these last year and they have been really good - although not the easiest thing in the world to put together