What do you think about Chelsea Flower Show moving to September?

Wondering what everyone’s thoughts are - had you booked tickets for May?

There was no way they could have had Chelsea in May. Surely no one is surprised. Just as it was obvious last year early on there would be no foreign summer holidays and no big Christmas family gatherings. Do organisers think we’re dim?? Who in their right mind would have gone to Chelsea in May?
I’ll stop now and go and have a lie down with a cold flannel.


:joy::joy: I think you are right Julie, it was never going to happen! If vaccines work as we hope, maybe in September but even for that I have serious doubts it can go on.

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I agree that even September is doubtful. I feel sorry for anyone who has done any planning to exhibit in May or perhaps they were never convinced it would go ahead?

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Sounds gloomy I know but can’t see it happening in September after a possible surge from summer madness and the schools starting again.

I’ve been going to Chelsea for years, really missed it last year. I do hope it’s able to go ahead in September. Everyone works so hard to bring this amazing show together.

i also really hope that it can take place in september! just think of all the late summer/autumn planting! what an exciting opportunity! chelsea will look very different - very vibrant… looking forward to see it. hope dies last :slight_smile: