What Cordyline is this?

Afternoon everyone!!! I wanted to know what sort of Cordyline this one I have actually is. It’s supposed to be “red star”, but doesn’t look like other red stars I have - definitely a more purply colour. There seems to be loads of different purple ones out there - so I have no idea which one it actually is.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Could it be Cordyline australis purpurea ‘Purple Tower’?

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That is what I do wonder. There seem to be a huge number of these purple cultivars - “Atropurpea”,“Purple Tower”, “Black Knight” and so on. I wonder how they vary in hardiness, given that the pink ones appear very variable too. I have heard “Charlie Boy” is as hardy as the plain green variety, “Cherry Sensation” similar to the red, and some of the other pink ones basically being cut to the ground at more than -3.



It will be quite hard to tell without a side-by-side comparison I think, it’s tricky from photos unless there’s a second trait, like growth habit to help ID it. Purple tower seems to retain its leaves longer - but that could be a result of growing in a pot and having less water, dropping leaves due to slight stress.

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Cheers! Any idea how tall the purple cultivars generally get? Red Star seems to reach about 15 foot round here and tend to take a nice pleasing form. Seen a few very tall Torbay Dazzlers - 20 foot+ with very thin trunks which have never flowered and thus look really odd!

The plant will eventually go in the ground once the bed is ready (once the landscaping work is complete).