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Hello, do you think the fern Polystichum setiferum that you like would be happy if out was in full sun for half the day? xSue

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Hi Sue, sorry for the slow reply, I missed this question. Yes, I think once established it could be but probably not if that included direct sun mainly in them middle of the day. I might try more ferns on my allotment in full sun to se what happens. I have seed dryopteris growing naturally in a sunny meadow here in London and even when the grass was looking dead in midsummer, the ferns looked lush and green still! Quite amazing.

I have three big hydrangea macrophylla (one in the ground and two in pots), and they’re all developing red tips to their leaves (see attached picture), with some leaves becoming crispy at the edges. Two are getting it more than the other - and as they get a lot more sun than the third one, I’m guessing it’s because they got too dry and hot from the lack of rain. Is this right? Currently dealing with some rust elsewhere so I’m really hoping it’s not that!

Recently planted Lesser Spearwort and Watercress together in a basket in a tiny container pond along with Hornwort to attract wildlifewould there be any other plants which I could use insteador would those two work alongside each other,I grow Brooklime successfully elsewhere, have failed with Water Forget Me Not.

How high do I need to ‘earth up’ my potatoes growing in bags? I have added shop bought compost, grow more, top soil with my own year old compost. I have now run out of spare soil.

Do I need to get some more compost? Top soil? Or can I leave them be to grow now? Do I need to fill them up to the top of the bags! One bag is a no show. It has two small seed potatoes in it but has produced nothing, unlike the others which have gone mad. I am new to veg and am in very much unknown territory with potatoes.

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Sorry Karen I missed this question - in future it’s best to post as a new topic so we don’t miss them (there’s a button on the main page ‘Ask a Question’.

I would top up the bags to about three quarters with compost :blush:

In our weeny little back garden we have a cordyline australis which has three branches, one main vertical one and two coming bending out from roughly one-third of the way up. Problem is that with such a small garden, one of the branches is coming out horizontally by about four feet and with space at a premium I’d like to lop it off. I didn’t want to at first because it gave it character, but having lived with it for a few months it’s got to be trimmed down. My intention is to just take a saw to the offending branch and have done with it but I’m terrified that the main branch will go into shock and die off or something. Any advice, anyone?