Unhappy Schefflera

I bought an unloved little single stem of schefflera from a supermarket last year. Put it in the conservatory and left it to ‘do it’s thing’ with regular watering. It sprouted up and looked lovely.

I decided to move it to the bathroom this year. Big mistake. It has dropped almost all of it’s leaves which, I am told, it does if it is not happy. Everytime I go near it more leaves drop off and I now have 10 inches of bare stem and a handful of leaves sprouting at the top.

What is my best plan for this plant? Persevere with it, or try to propagate from it?

Thoughts and advice welcome :slight_smile:

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Hi Jackie,
Do you know what species of Schefflera it is?
Please can you post a photo so I can see the plant?
It sounds to me like it will be a lack or light, lack or water or too much water.

Hi Jack - I have no idea what species it is. I am a numpty in respect of houseplants, so any advice is welcome. Am trying to upload a photo but having no luck. Will keep trying - thanks !

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Hmm it could just be that it’s adjusting to the new position. Is there any new growth? Only other thought is that it may well be too wet.

Update - it is putting out new growth right at the top, two little leaf stalks already. I haven’t killed it!!


Hooray! Well done, great to hear it’s coming back to life :slight_smile: