Trying to identify this tree

Last year was our first in this garden and there was a small tree which didn’t produce any flowers. This year, we have just come back from holiday and I noticed some flowers starting to form. They look a bit like laburnum flowers but I’m not sure. Can anyone tell me if they are?! Thanks 16525479514623829940948457919297|225x500


Hi Kathy
It certainly looks like a labernum to me

Hi Jack
Thanks, I did think so myself, but wasn’t sure. We used to have a big laburnum in another garden years ago but the fronds were much thicker. This is a young tree and didn’t produce any flowers last year so I didn’t know what it was.

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Great, let me know when it starts flowering if it is or not as you never know! :smiley: but hopefully it is that , always good to get a second opinion.

Hi Jack

Think we can definitely say that it’s a Laburnum!


Hooray! Thanks for the update Kathy!