Trying something new

Every year I like to grow something new (veg, fruit, herb, flower) This year is kohlrabi. I like cole slaw during the summer, but I really don’t like cabbage, so growing it is kind of silly. A German friend suggested kohlrabi. So a small packet of seeds later, I have just harvested my first.


Anyone else growing something that you haven’t tried before?


Looks fantastic - a couple of years ago I got a seedling from a local Asian shop - I think it was a bottle gourd… it grew really well - was rampant - but I really didn’t like the taste of the gourds!


Looks great! I love Kohlrabi for coleslaw.

This year I have been trying Celtuce but the plants I thought were those now seem to be something else entirely! lol

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Ha-ha! Been there, done that…part of the joy of gardening. Interesting plant, celtuce, - when you do manage to grow it, report back!