Suggestions for a small dry, shady boarder

Hi, we have a small dry boarder at the back of the garden which until this week had a row of extremely tall evergreens the other side which blocked light and the roots made deep planting impossible. However this week the neighbour has removed all the trees and I’ve a hope of planting something that will actually grow my side. Any suggestions - it gets sun first thing in the morning and is backed by as fence, but its my view from the kitchen window so would like some colour. Currently theres nothing that can’t be moved, just a few hostas and a couple of small hydrangeas. thanks.

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Hi Melanie, although it’s dry and shaded with the conifers, will they change now they’ve gone?

hi Jack, to be honest I’m not sure. It gets the sun first thing in the morning, till about late lunch - hopefully a little more now. Although the conifers have gone, their roots remain and make digging down quite tough. I also forgot to mention a large mature over hanging tree (with preservation order) on other land which blocks out light and sun from around 3pm. however currently 2 hydrangeas, a few hostas and some bedding are thriving. The new replacement fence is very nice but very obvious so would like something to climb and mask it a little.

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You could try mahonias, sarcocca, groundcovering euphorbia.

Thanks I’ll look them up.