Specialist Peat Free

Looking for recommendations of Peat Free seed compost and ericaceous compost? Some brands are expensive and/ or hard to come by. Are they worth the search and the cost? I don’t really want to buy the cheap peat based versions however tempted I am!

I’ve found Melcourt pretty good. You have to be very careful not to over wet it if you are sowing seeds, and to feed things regularly but apart from that it’s pretty straight forward.

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I like Melcourt and Dalefoot, both easy to get hold of, not the cheapest but I do get excellent results from seeds, cutting, and potting on.

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I would agree with Melcourt Silvagrow. Consistantly good. I seive it for seeds but you don’t need to. I pick it up 3 bags at a time for a garden centre as its cheaper.