Solution to ivy

Hi does anyone have any advice on clearing and stopping the growth of ivy preferably without the use of any chemicals

Thankyou in advance :slightly_smiling_face:


Can I ask where it is and how it is a problem. For me it has proved impossible to get rid of it so I just have to live with it. However much I pull or dig it out, it comes back with a vengeance. Tell us more about yours.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s underneath tree cover at the end if my allotment, it’s very thick across the floor, I’ve strimmed it right back for now but have visions of it strangling the life out if anythin I plant near it in the future :slightly_frowning_face:

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Maybe you’ll just have to keep strimming, but it does pull out like pieces of string if you tug and tug but that’s so much work. Good luck.

Ivy can be a complete pain in the wrong place - around trees, fences or wherever. It destroys wall surfaces and creeps through mortar loosening it and getting into the interior. I work for a firm of surveyors and they find that anything climbing up a wall is not good for the fabric of the wall even though the climber looks pretty! Best is to dig down and totally remove the roots which is what we’ve done around an old brick built outhouse we’re renovating. Hard work but worth it. :grinning::sunflower:

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Thanks for that advice. I need to do that to some ivy climbing up our house into the gutters. A job that must be done.

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You’re very welcome Julie. :hugs: It is a chore to ‘evict’ it, but well worth it as it does such a lot of damage!
Having said that, I do like ivy and love to grow it in ‘controllable’ pots to put in plant or flower arrangements. :blossom: