Small pond - issues?

Hello all,

I am considering installing a small pond in my garden next spring (probably 40x70 and 50cm deep). I don’t think I want to have a pump but I do plan on having some oxygenating plants and a dwarf lily. From what I have read in books and online, this is a terrible idea and I should have a much bigger pond with a pump/filter. Can anyone advise on their experiences with a small pond? Did it lead to any issues? Do you get a smell from the stagnant water?

Thank you!


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Hi Solenne,

Not a bad idea at all! It’s a great one. I had a container pond of that size without pump and similar plants for five years, absolutely fine!

I actually wrote a very in depth article about it here:


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Thank you! I really enjoy reading your blog :blush:

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Thanks Solenne! :smiley:

Hi Solenne, I started a container pond like Jack suggested in his article. Mine’s even smaller cuz I live in an apartment with a small balcony. So far no complaints! I’ve had to take out plants cuz they’ve been growing too much even. No bug or smell issues either. Some algae problems but that was easily fixed by fishing out the excess algae.


That looks fantastic! I love the whole balcony, what a great space and plants, and that view!

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