School Allotment

Hello, I am developing an allotment on a school field. I would like to grown things that we could use during school dinners. I have literally no experience in this and keep being overwhelmed by the information on the internet. Please can I be advised on what you would suggest grown, how long that takes to grow and how to maintain the site?

Thank you in advance for any support



Hi Michael,

That’s a big question and your best bet is to buy or borrow a book on growing edibles. Or follow the grow your own advice in magazine each month.

I’ve written this article about starting on an allotment which is the same thing really:

Take a look at:

RHS through the year book
RHS how to start a garden book
Grow Your Own magazine

Have fun!



Have you seen this website specifically aimed at schools with advice about growing food?

Do any of your colleagues have an allotment who could help?

Are there any other schools near you who are a year or two ahead and could give you advice? Or there might be a local community organisation who would help (one that supports / develops food growing projects)… or a grower on a nearby allotment who would love to volunteer - contact the Local Authority Allotment Officer

Basically get help from people who have experience!

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