Salvias Red leaves at the top

Hello all, newbie here going by the name of chris.
I have 5 Salvias, Love Wish, Cherry Lips, Amethyst Lips,Hot Lips and Amistad, all in pots besides the Hot Lips.
We have more plants and Shrubs. But I like the Salvia plants/shrubs?
I have a problem with the Amistad all the growth has gone to the top with some red coloured leaves and new growth at the bottom.
I don’t know what is going on. I don’t over water.
Can someone help please? I would put a pic up but don’t know how to do this on here.
Thanks in advance and

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the site! This is normal for this time of year. As the plants grow taller the leaves lower down aren’t used as much by the plant as those near the top, so they start to shed the lower leaves. I find that this can speed up a bit if the plant is a little on the dry side, but I really wouldn’t worry about this at all. If the look bothers you, you can always pinch out the growing points in the earlier months of the year in spring next year to try and keep it a bit more compact.

Right now though, I wouldn’t do anything and just leave it to do its thing as we head into Autumn :slight_smile:



Thanks Jack, I came to this site because of your love of Salvias, it is only one that is bothering me. Although winter care is going to be a worry as I haven’t gone through a winter with them, so if you can point me to the important info, in particular for my 5. I haven’t got a green house.
Anyway thank you for your help and I’ll keep looking for more advice. BFN Chris

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Useful advice for all of us Jack. I have lots of Amistad and all the Dyson salvias. I had an Amistad that I completely ignored and neglected in a pot in a corner and blow me down it has thrived and flowered better than the ones I had cosseted. Seems they are indestructible if they are kept warm and dry.

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My neighbour has the shrubby ones in her borders and not only do they survive winters, they grow huge and flower non stop.
For me Natchtvinder (? Spelling? ) did not survive the winter.

Yes, they really do thrive on poorer, dry soils, pots being perfect for that! Although I have had ‘Amistad’ wilt fairly often in hot weather.

I think they will all be fine through winter unless you live in a particularly cold area? If you’re worried, now’s a good time to take cuttings.

OK great, at the moment my HotLips is about 2.5m across and 1.5m high in a border and has taken over everything should I cut it back if so how much. I think in the ground they thrive more than the ones in the pots. When I lived in Spain the locals just said cut everything right back. Maybe that won’t work here in Wiltshire?

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At this point in the year I wouldn’t cut it back unless it is growing over something, you want the top growth to help it survive winter. Cutting back hard in early spring. In spring and through summer you can cut back as much as you want on shrubby types like ‘Hot Lips’. Please see my guide on pruning salvias here:

Thanks very much for the advice.
All the best Chris

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My salvias are all looking amazing at the moment… word of warning about Amistad - it might not be as hardy as the others… two years running mine didn’t survive the winter even though I’m in an inner city garden in the west of England- so be prepared to loose it… but the others should be fine!

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As are mine, my HotLips is a huge bush. The Amistad did get hit last year, but came back VERY slowly,do you think under cover might help?
Thanks for your reply

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Rather than take the whole plant in undercover, I would take cuttings and keep these undercover - they’ll be smaller but will soon grow into a full sized plant by summer.

Thanks jack I will look round the site and see what others have done , we live near Stonehenge, our home faces south and thats where they all are bar 1 Hotlips she’s on the east side and seems to like it there.
Thanks again