Rooty Grass on allotment

Hi All,

My allotment seems to have a labrynth of what I can only describe as rooty grass all over, it’s really hard to weed it between crops that are already growing and in other areas it goes really deep. when i do find a root it’s like a clump with loads of thick shoots coming off. Any ideas how to eliminate it, as soon as I weed, I blink and it’s back.


It sounds like couch grass the only real way is to dig it out by hand. its hard to get rid of once truly established. if you have empty beds full of it you could put matting over it to smother them but it takes time. the only other method is chemical but I dont like using them


Thanks Nick, I had the beds covered all through the winter but it’s still made a comeback, its all round the edge between the flags too so not sure how I’ll be able to dig it all out. I might just have to try keep on top of it this year and then dig it out over the winter when the beds are empty. I made a no dig bed in the autumn it’s even come up through the cardboard.


It’s a nightmare. The only way really is to dig it out with a fork, getting all the roots out. It makes more of an impact doing this than you think. Also barriers - boards and edging about 10cm deep around beds will stop most of the rhizomes.

Perennial weeds like this are where cardboard and no dig doesn’t quite work for me either. Once you have the roots out, the no dig practices work. You could try multiple layers of card but as you found, the roots of perennial weeds will last longer than a year covered. And couch grass is particularly good at shooting you through card.


Thanks Jack, in some beds it’s easy to tease out and Others it’s really deep - it’s definitely made easy work of the no dig cardboard. Best get my fork on the beds I haven’t planted out in.


It’s worth it as you can clear a whole bed. Give it a few weeks before planting to spot any left over stragglers to get and then it should stay clear with some form of barrier around it :+1:

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