Rhubarb found on plot - what should I do with it?

I have found a rhubarb plant on my plot (pointed out to me from a fellow plot holder) - the foliage has died down but it looks alive (just)… it is in the shadier part of the plot right on the edge of the plot.

From what I read it really could do with being in a sunnier spot and possibly given a good feed (rotted manure).

Would this be a good time to move it whilst it is dormant? If so how best to move to avoid damage - ie do the roots do down or should I dig carefully around it if the roots go out to the side? I have been given rotted manure so should I put this in the new dug out hole or just on top of it once moved?

I have not had much luck with rhubarb in the past and really want to try and save this one if I can so welcome advice please.

Thank you so much



Hi Sarah,

Welcome to the community!

Yes now is a great time to move rhubarb and a fairly easy case of digging around the roots, taking up as much as you can and transplanting it into a hole to the same depth. I would add some well rotted manure into the hole before planting, and a little on top of the soil as a mulch won’t go wrong either as they like good nutrients, just be careful to keep it away from the crown / growing point.

I moved mine on my allotment when I took over as there was some there too and I was very rough with it, yet it thrived.

Good luck!

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Thank you Jack that is really helpful! Rgds Sarah

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