Re: Is this. Cordyline?

Hi. Can anyone confirm if these are cordylines? They have appeared in an area that we have had to clear of brambles etc. I have left them at the moment, although I have already pulled a lot out. They do fill the bare soil,but I am worried that if I leave them they will become as big as as the picture I have included. When I look back at photos,this used to be a similar size to the ones that have appeared.

Question is- what should I do? The idea we are working on for this area is a woodland area. We have 2 big ash trees and have planted silver birch,Rowan,hazel and field maples. If these are cordylines and become big I am not sure if they fit!

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The last photo definitely, the others look like it too though I’ve never seen them self seed - but I guess they must be able to here! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jack. I think they are Cordylines, but I have so many that have appeared I am not sure what to do. Is is possible to stop them from becoming big tree size? They do provide some interest, but I want to keep them the size that they are. I think I will definitely have to reduce the number of them whatever.

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Hmm, not really unless you get into a routine of coppicing them by cutting them to the base but I would wait until they were more established. I would certainly thin them out. And you have so many you can experiment with them all :slight_smile:

The larger tree must have self sown lots of seedlings.

You could always pot them up and sell them as they are very popular.


That’s a really good idea! I may well do that and I might also keep some in pots for myself. We have a new patio to ‘ furnish’!

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