Private Allotment Venture

Hello all, I have seen 10,000sq ft of land come available near me that I am looking to buy and start an allotment, where I’ll rent out plots.

I am looking for some advice on plot sizes.

I have read that 250sq ft plots are adequate, though increasingly common are 125 sq ft plots for beginners.

Just wondered if this sounds about right to you experienced people?

Kind regards,



Hi Marc,

Welcome to the community! And wow, what an opportunity with that much land.

The standard size allotment plots are 250sqm rather than feet, though you’re right about splitting them in half. I have ‘two’ plots of 125 sqm = the 250sqm.

But really, it’s up to you - break the site down into a grid or something similar. You can offer people quarter, half or full size plots to give lots of flexibility.


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Thanks Jack, can I ask what you pay for those plots?

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We’ve taken on our first allotment this year and it is a half plot, at first I thought it might be a bit small but for people that work full time I think half plots are great. There is a mixture of full and half plots on our site.

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£90 a year including water

Yes, I think so - is your half a plot 125sqm Lyns?

Many allotment sites are still run by local authorities, not very well in many cases - one of the issues being unworked plots while people wait on lists for years. So other considerations would be establishing fair rules around plot use/ signed agreements and good management of the site. Many are members of the Allotment Association which has guidelines on this. People expect water access these days and some organise manure and wood chippings to be delivered to site for shared use. Security of the site is something else to consider. If you’ve ever been on Allotment Facebook groups you’ll know how varied rents are up and down the country. Our plots were £25 for a half plot and £50 full, of the size Jack described along with some quarter plots (or the opportunity to share) and at the lower end of the rent spectrum. Best of luck with your venture, allotments are so very much needed. Fiona

Yes, including half plots too would be a good idea I’d say. I would even suggest- if you have the space - to install raised beds on a full plot, and offer a single bed to individuals. It gives people a change to try growing before committing, it draws in people, maybe even some youngsters, and if done properly could create a lovely community.

(I pay £15.- a year for a full plot. It has just gone up to that amount since last year. Just to make you all jealous!)

I’m not sure on the size of my plot, we seem to have fallen lucky and got a slightly larger half plot than some of the others. The cost for a full plot is £35 plus £20 water, a half plot is £25 plus £10 water.

Thanks for the input guys. I fear, what I thought was lots of land - is actually very little.
I would have to charge higher rates for smaller plots in order to cover the loan repayments. I am fortunate that there is high demand in my area and if this is going to work I’ll possibly need to market it more towards people with full time jobs who want smaller plots to work with.

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It’s worth giving a shot, see what people will pay