Potatoes AGAIN: is this verticillium wilt?

Well I thought I’d avoided the hazards caused by my foolish and hasty first round of potato planting. I dug up all the old potato plants and I thought they were doing well. We’ve had a lot of rain and today I saw some of the lower leaves are looking like this. No signs of mould underneath. A bit of Googling makes me think it might be verticillium wilt? In which case, can they be saved?
Also, I’ve got some Maris Pipers in another bed a few metres away (somewhere there were NOT potatoes before - learnt my lesson now) - are they safe?

It’s blight isn’t it. I could cry. You would not believe the amount of work I have put in since taking over this allotment and I’m going to lose the lot aren’t I. I will get over it. But I will have a cry first.

It does look like potato blight - try not to let it get to you, gardening is full of hits and misses each year. When things go wrong, we learn, so it’s win win. Now you know what it looks like and how to minimise it for future. It makes you a better, stronger gardener :slight_smile:

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