Palm/Cordyline Pruning

First time poster here, I’d appreciate your advice, I inherited this tree when I moved here 6 years ago. I have no idea exactly what it is (tried to find it online), but I do know it’s big!
One of the side sections, I believe it’s where the fruit is, fell off a couple of years ago and landed on the pavement - it could have done damage to anyone walking by.
I’m trying to find out how this needs to be tackled, pruned. I love the tree but have no idea how to look after it, how far it should be cut back. Help please!

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I’ve written a guide to cordyline pruning which may help as a starting point. They’re very forgiving.

I’m surprised a bit fell off - was it just the spend flower head? They can be very large, like branches in their own right. If so, all you need to do is watch out for them flowering in early summer and then cut them off as far into the green leaves as you can get when the flower starts turning brown.

Hi Jack

Thanks for such a quick reply. Now, it may well have been the flower head - it was definitely big, had leaves attached too. I got rid of it as soon as poss, I was thinking of the damage it could have done to somebody walking by, it landed smack on the pavement. I’ve read the pruning guide ( a great help), then wandered to the window boxes section and noticed you mentioned living in Clapham, and getting inspiration from Norfolk. I actually moved from Streatham to a village on the Norfolk coast 7 years ago, I’m literally a few minutes walk from the beach. It is inspirational indeed!