Overwhelmed by courgettes

It’s that time of the year when we’re sick of bloody courgettes! I’ve only grown two this year, but they started producing in July, and have gone on and on and on…
Two questions. Firstly, are courgettes self fertile? Could I just grow one next year, to reduce the glut? Secondly, is there such a thing as a more restrained variety? Seed producers always bang on about how productive their varieties are, are there any that claim “only produces 3 small courgettes a week”?

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Take a look at these for varieties that won’t need a pollinating partner: https://www.thompson-morgan.com/p/courgette-selfsetting-collection/4307TM

As for lower production, I don’t think anywhere will tell you that unfortunately. Though some people might be able to advise from their own experiences.

I reckon it’s best to still grow a productive variety and think about giving away extras or compost them. This is because it’s always better to have slightly more than you need, otherwise you might have some weeks without enough! Also I think vigorous varieties will be stronger and grow more healthily.

I suppose you could try and find some that aren’t F1 hybrids, which are more vigorous.


Grow just one plant and give your glut away to friends and neibours… there’s always chutney… and cake… and can you ever have too much ratatouille in the fridge / freezer?!


The yellow varieties seem to be less productive in my humble opinion plus they make a pleasant change of colour on the plate…I try to pick mine very small so that they go into stir fries and similar as a last minute addition…some of my courgette plants were chomped by the slugs and snails before they had a chance to grow sadly but yes I agree 1 or 2 plants are enough for a small family!! Perhaps try a heritage variety which is less hardy?


We do that, courgettes are so versatile, but our yellow courgette’s have produced loads and still have soe new ones forming!


I’ve grown a summer squash called Grillers Mix this year and harvested them whilst they’re still youngish - courgette sized
There were 3 colours in the pack. All 6 seeds germinated. I gave some away and kept 2. Fortunately they were the colours I was hoping for; a light green and a yellow.
They aren’t producing loads so I haven’t ended up with a glut. That however could be down to my growing conditions.
I would definitely grow these again.