Newish Allotment Owner

Hi all,

I have just joined the community group and its my 1st group to join. I have started an allotment at home using mainly raised beds and trying to grow every imaginable vegetable I can which I would eat at home.

I live at home in the Wednesbury area of the West Midlands with my wife, mother and older brother … So you get an idea who I am growing for … Lol

Last year I grew potatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, spinach and lots of herbs. I didn’t have a chance to really harvest and eat the food last year so this year just before covid-19 I have gone tried to go all out and grow the most of what I can.

Now I am growing -

Cherry tomatoes,
Herbs consisting of mint etc,
Brown and red onions,
Rainbow carrots,
Jalapeño peppers,
Sweet peppers,
Rocket salad,

I also sliced tomatoes from the fridge and placed them in compost to see if they grow … Also the root ends of onions both just as an experiment.

Wish me luck !!!


Good luck! Sounds like you have your hands full with lots of crops to grow. I don’t hold out much hope for the tomatoes I’m afraid unless their seeds germinate so I’m willing to be proven wrong :smile: the onions sounds like an interesting experiment. Keep us updated on progress!

I don’t hold out much hope for the sliced tomato experiment either @jackwallington however I have recently planted tomato seeds :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::100:

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As delicate as it is, I don’t want to pick at it. But would you say that’s a tomato plant coming up @jackwallington. That’s from the sliced tomatoes.

I doubt it will grow actual tomatoes in the end. Last season I couldn’t successfully grow tomatoes even from seed

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I don’t think that is a tomato unfortunately, that looks more like a senecio weed I’m afraid sorry! :slight_smile:

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Hi I’ve just joined your site as I have just acquired a 125m sq allotment, new to growing fruit/veg other than strawberries/raspberries/cucumbers and one pokey little pumpkin last year. So will be looking lots of advice.


Hi Jody! Welcome to the site! Congratulations on your new allotment, so exciting. The only advice I’d really give is to take it on area at a time rather than trying to do the whole plot in one go. Once you have one area cleared and planted, it half looks after itself while you clear the next bit.

Hi all,
I have had my allotment now for 4 months, worked really hard to grow my own. But 3 days ago something came and pulled all my peas out and eaten it, also eaten my beetroot roots. I guess it’s a rodent. Any ideas on how to stop this happening? :thinking:

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Hi all,

There are old raspberry canes on my allotment that have not been looked after for years. Do I dig them out and plant new ones or do I trim them and look after them to see what happens? My plot is less than standard 1/2 so don’t have that much space. :woman_shrugging:

Hmm, rodents are tricky. Could be a rat. The main ways to get rid of them are traps, cats, foxes or calling pest control.

The best way though is to make sure things aren’t attracting them. Usually if someone is putting food waste onto a compost heap.

I would try working with the existing plants. You just need to work out if they are summer or autumn fruiting types based on when they flower and fruit.

hello, very new to the allotment game, literally in the process of just getting the keys. luckily its a five minute walk from my house so i can check the condition of the plot. covered in weeds sadly but i have been looking at what i could possibly plant around this time. i also cant have a greenhouse or poly-tunnels for until 3 months after having the plot, so feel my options for planting and getting things ready for next year at the moment is limited.

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Weeds are an excellent indicator you have fertile soil :revolving_hearts: a bit of forking them out and that soil will be ready for growing - good luck!

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I wouldn’t consider getting a greenhouse or Polly tunnel until you’ve worked out what you like to grow, if you like growing things from seed, etc. You don’t necessarily need one… I’m much happier without… I grow all my seedlings at home where I can keep an eye on them, & have enough space on the plot for everything I need… in fact I need more growing space! Poly tunnels take up a lot of room - & don’t look v nice. So I’d leave it until next year by which time you’ll be clearer about what you can & like growing (not necessarily the same!). Also check out Charles a Dowding’s No Dig method - loads of helpful advice on YouTube & his website.

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I got an allotment 4 weeks ago and have got French beans, potatoes, salad leaves, courgettes which I found already growing in garden centre and broccoli. All growing well although I’m in Cornwall so climate is very mild. Good luck on getting something growing this year, it’ll hopefully see you through the hard work organising the rest if you can see the fruits of your labour.

It’s a gr8 YouTube. I’m always watching it

The onion experiment never.

Sorry haven’t posted for a while but I’m back now

I’ve also used a brilliant seed company called Seed Co-operative

Check them out

Hello Zippsingh_bjj

I have just joined group and read with interest your list of veg and herbs etc for this year. I too experimented a bit this year with some ideas (partly to keep my boys entertained)…there is a Youtube video on how to regrow from the following veg ‘bases’ rather than throw out the inedible bit - I can confirm that it worked really well but failed on the avocado

Celery base (leave about 5 cm of celery) and I tried both putting it straight into potting compost and also soaking it ‘suspended’ with cocktail sticks into water…watch the roots form! Boys loved it

Spring Onion (base)

Leek (base)

Spring Greens (base)- again - just replanted the base plus about 5cm of plant left at base straight into compost and got a completely new plant! For free! - My sister-in-law tried the same experiment and was less successful but worth a go!

Avocado stone suspended in water (root point in water) - NO joy for me on this one!

As a child I used to do a similar this with carrot tops and parsnip tops on the windowsill and watch the carrot sprout green shoots so reliving my childhood ! Ha!

Pic shows leeks and celery - bit a mix but they have been used in soups and the Leek flower heads are pretty anyway!

Hi Ruth Henrietta

I have been reading about no dig method…I like the idea of it (less work and faster results) but unless you have your own compost heap and manure supplies isn’t it costly???

I might experiment with part of the plot no dig and see if I am a convert…

Charles Dowding’s plot is amazing I have to say but the compost heap he has to hand is also impressive!

Welcome your thoughts…!

Back to work now I suppose.


Thanks for replying to me

The avocado for me was also a fail.

I don’t bother trying to regrow the cut off ends of onions and vegetable now. I basically throw All vegetable waste into a food bin and then transfer that into my compost pile

I started with a black plastic BnQ one but as it was hard getting to the bottom where the True compost was I created one out of wooden pallets. Which was a good project during lockdown.

Now I have 2 compost bins I can use through their sifferent stages