New Allotmenteer and question about Kale Shoots

Hello All!

I am a proud owner of a new half plot (20m x 5m roughly) and photo enclosed!!

Managed to clear site now and my friend kindly given me some well rotted manure which I am digging in to soil.

I have done about 7 hours on the plot and love every minute of it - even the clearing of brambles!

I am working on 4m of the 20m and plan to grow onions garlic broad beans…but can I sow Kale shoots (dwarf green curled - from Sutton seeds) or should I just keep them indoors and not put them out at all?

It suggests that they are all year round sowing …but perhaps that means indoors?? Welcome thoughts on that and anything else I can be growing or preparing to grow!

Hi! How cold is it where you are now? (I live on the the pacific coast of Canada, so we’re dropping down to low single digit celsius.) Kale is pretty hardy but I’m not entirely sure you’ll be able to get them to germinate outside for direct sow. I sowed bok choi seeds early October direct sow, they’ve germinated but are really really slow growing because the light levels have dropped. Kale that I’ve gotten established over summer continue to grow well for me over winter here. We don’t drop below -5C often.

I don’t think there’s harm in trying to sow now. You could also try germinating them indoors and then slowly introduce them into your plot too?

If you’re just aiming to grow kale microgreens, I would just do that indoors :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for your response! I shall try it indoors and outdoors and report back if that is ok. I really welcome ideas and thoughts as a newbie plot holder. I have almost completed digging over one tenth of the plot and can’t wait to get onions and garlic started!

Rgds Sarah

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I mean the worst case, you can’t get them to grow but that’s exactly the same outcome if you didn’t try at all. Good luck!

I think you could get them to germinate indoors, but they probably won’t grow much outside over winter because not enough light or warmth… but once germinated you could keep the seedlings outside, I think… they should romp away in the spring! Good luck

Thank you RuthHenrietta
Yes the weather here in SE England is so mild that it is tempting to try a few outside…but it might be more luck than judgement perhaps!

I still have carrots spinach chard basil. All outside…taking advantage of mild conditions in a sheltered spot…!! Looking forward to seeing how kale shoots work over the winter…be nice for soups and chopping into stir fry and pasta sauces perhaps.

Sounds wonderful. I hope you enjoy every minute. What a marvellous project to have. Welcome to the group. Julie

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