Nematodes: Too good to be true?

Hi. I am planting out at my new allotment, finally. There are a lot of slugs etc., plus I’ve planted carrots and my attempts at putting down a fleece were farcical. I’ve got things that the local fauna like to munch on.
I’ve read about nematodes. They sound too good to be true. What’s the deal? Are there any reasons not the use them?

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Hiya, they do work but you have to keep at it and be realistic too with what they can do. I’ve used nematodes on slugs and vine weevil and they worked really well - especially on vine weevil. But you have to be sure to apply them at the right temperatures and repeat them. Eg for vine weevil I apply in spring, summer and autumn. Over two years this cleared the problem and I then just topped up once in spring or autumn from then on.

Nematodes have an impact on slugs but not snails. I found they work but personally I would look to adjusting your conditions, such as making sure you aren’t growing plants where slugs live. Which is in the shade of bigger plants and crevices like between raised bed edges. Growing vegetables in the open protects them from slugs.

Also, if you haven’t already, install a pond for frogs and toads which eat slugs.

Nematodes don’t work on snails.