Native wildlife friendly grass lawn?!

I might have a job planting up some fruit trees and hedging. But the client wants grass lawns and as a forest gardener, grass is what I’m always trying to get rid of!

I like the idea of Tapestry Lawns (a lawn consisting of non-grass species) but they’ll be too expensive for the job. Is there any such thing as a relatively hardwearing lawn seed mix with native grasses that is good for wildlife if left to grow a bit longer?

Going off at a bit of a tangent, but I’ve recently been buying a lot of different wildflower seeds for the edge of my allotment, and it seems that most of the cheap wildflower seeds (including from places like poundland etc) include a lot of grasses. What doesn’t suit me might be ideal for you?

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No, that seems really relevant! I’ll investigate, see what the ingredients are on the packet. Friend of mine who’s an orchardist actually a great deal on decent apple trees from Lidl/Aldi at £5 a tree :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is a good question, I should think it would be possible to create one but I haven’t seen one explicitly offered as native. It would be great to have that mix. If I get time I will try to come up with a suitable mix to share.

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It would be a really interesting project. I know nothing about grasses or sedges, yet I’ve noticed so many beautiful grass flowers out in the wild.