Mystery 'stuff' in the soil

I was distressed at the weekend to discover something very strange under the soil on my allotment… a white ‘deposit’ (not quite sure what to call it). It was under the soil, covering a very distinct area of about 2ft x 6ft; it was about 2 inches under the soil, and about 2-3 inches deep, white in colour, and quite heavy and solid. It didn’t smell, and I couldn’t work out if it was organic or inorganic (paint?).

I’ve dug it all out, but I’m worried that if it is something organic it will return and harm plants. It had completely ‘trapped’ a rhubarb plant which I’d planted last autumn… I’m sure it wasn’t there when I planted it, which makes me particularly worried as it must have surrounded the roots of the plant over the last year.

I’ve never seen anything like it before and am baffled.

Any ideas?

Hi Ruth, looks like a fungus mycelium to me… :thinking: definitely no need to worry. Best, Maria


Agree, probably the sign of a healthy fungi rich soil

Thanks Jack and @MariaMagdalena - would it be heavy (like clay) and in a very defined area if it’s fungus? It’s not in the soil but a separate layer… great if it is fungus, but I’m not 100% convinced for the reasons above :thinking:

Hi, I would agree with the above, it looks like Mycelium to me, it is often found in layers, as it feeds off dead organic matter but my spread to other areas, it would be good for the soil it shows a healthy soil environment.

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