Multi Sowing Vegetables - which vegetables to multi sow?

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I’ve ordered some new seed trays, some with propagation lids and some not. I was wondering, as I’ve seen videos online, whether multi Sowing is a good and optimal option, for example,

Multi sowing carrots (3 or 4) in a single pod. Would they have to be prick them out after or could i just pop it as it is into my raised once they’ve established.

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It is a good option but not essential. I’ve always multisown some and change the crops I do this with each year depending on the result I want. The rule is fairly straight forward that by growing some together closely you’ll get a greater number but they will be smaller in general as they share nutrients, light and water.

So it depends what you want to happen. If you want to grow lots of small carrots quickly, it’s worth doing. If you’d prefer larger carrots, space them out. Or, do a mix of both. Multi sow and thin out some of the smaller ones early on leaving the others to grow larger.

With carrots make sure they are covered with fleece to protect from carrot fly, which they will be more prone to being close together and thinning them will release the scent from leaves attracting them.

Other crops you can do this with tend to be most of the roots, beetroot especially, onions, leeks, turnips etc.

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Thanks @jackwallington

I think my intention will be to multi sow many of the vegetables but not tomatoes, cucumber, aubergines as I consider them to be more delicate and I would love to individually grow them as either I struggled this year through bad practice or never tried growing them.

I have some larger seed trays arriving this week and some propagating ones ready for the new growing season.

I call it stockpiling :wink:

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Yes absolutely correct approach, don’t multi sow plants that produce lots of crops on them like tomatoes as you’ll get a higher yield from the individual plants. It’s only really worth doing with the root or root-like vegetables.

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I’ve just read your blog about buying seeds online hahaha

I’ve just put my order in and shut the book :+1:t4:


Haha I haven’t ordered mine yet, I’m waiting for that spendathon over Christmas!

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