Moving house - need advice on moving all my pots!

We are moving house and I somehow need to transport my fairly substantial pot-based garden. It’s on a roof terrace so I can’t leave anything behind. I’ve already taken out all the annuals and have pruned back other shrubs like roses to get them in a car (movers won’t take plants!) - but I am not sure what to do with a lovely crabapple I have in a big pot. It’s 215cm high from tip to pot base. I’m wondering if it would harm the tree if I prune the top branches down a bit to fit in a van? I also have a summer jasmine and 2x Group 3 clematis which are trained up walls which I’m worried will be harmed if I prune them (ie cut them off the walls) now. Any advice on what to do?

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Hi Celia!

I can’t say I have ever done a plant pot move but I think that I can comment on the jasmine. We had terrible wind storm late last summer and my Clotted Cream jasmines broke their support wires. And as they were huge (3 meters+), I had no choice but to cut them right back hard. My OH was very concerned that we had killed them (they were just stumps) but up they popped in the spring and flowered like mad this year. Ours are planted in the ground, but if they are well estabished and healthy, they should make it through. I would try to leave as much as physically possible, to help them out.

My personal thought is that the others will survive also, but you might not have flowers or fruit (or a reduced amount) next year. I guess it depends on how much you take off the crabapple :open_mouth: Any chance of getting a small van for the move?

Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply re jasmine. Fingers crossed it survives! I think I’m going to have to hire a van but at the moment it would have to be a disproportionately large one to fit the tree in!

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You could prune it… or if there is room, lay it on its side, resting the trunk on something to raise the branches from taking the full weight. You can try trying the branches in slightly using twine to make the tree more compact.