Moving house - moving company pots and plants advice?

Hi all,

I will be moving home soon and have 40 odd pots of varying sizes and materials. The moving company I use don’t do gardening stuff because it’s messy and I only have a small car. What do people do in these cases? I worry that a standard man with a van type deal will be dangerous for the pots as they might break.

Thank you.

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Hi James,

This is an interesting question, not having moved loads of pots myself I can’t answer directly but I think my first port of call would be to try some other moving companies to see if they all have the same policy?

If not, it might have to be a man with a van but one that sounds like they are trustworthy moving them. Unless there is a landscaping company with transport and willing to do it for you.

What sort of distance are you taking them?