Mouldy compost in greenhouse

Hi all,

I’ve got a few bits growing in our greenhouse (plastic) in pots and trays and some of the compost they are in has gone mouldy. Should I just scrap them? We’ve just taken on an allotment and have no idea what we are doing :joy::grimacing:


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The plants themselves seem to look ok! You can see if you could scrape off the top of the compost and replace with new compost. If the seedlings seem robust and big enough you could just repot them all into fresh compost!

And then afterwards, make sure you’re not overwatering. Too much water will encourage mould growth. I can’t tell what you have growing but just checking you water just enough for those types of plants :slight_smile:

You’re doing great! First times are always a little rocky but I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable soon!

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Thank you, I actually can’t remember what I’m growing in these now, think it was just some lettuce. I didn’t think after I posted that it might be over watering. I’ve had quite a few seeds that haven’t grown at all so I think I’ve been a bit giddy with the hose pipe.

Thanks for the help.

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I agree with @Soliska. Do the trays have drainage holes?

No they don’t, I had a few others that were the same so I’ve removed the base that they were sat in to allow them to drain - I might just ditch these ones and start again with better trays.

I’ve definitely been over watering.

Thank you

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Ah, yes the lack of drainage holes are the problem - I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself over watering, it would be hard to get the levels right without at least some drainage. Now you know the problem though :slight_smile:

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