Is your garden surviving the heatwave?

So far most plants with us look ok but I am nervous about the next couple of days! I’m watering all new small seedlings I’ve planted out and concentrating on the vegetables with the main watering.

Most plants seem fine so far… and we’ll see what happens on Monday and Tuesday.

Also, I hope you are all ok in the heat as well!


Yes, keeping pots and newer plants watered but others seem fine as all mulched well. The greenhouse is getting wet down in am & pm to try to keep temps acceptable (self watering containers are a boon right now) I have few plants to plant out but they are being held back for a few days. Any any gardening is done first thing in am and after 5pm. I have put out more water containers for wildlife- which the cats are enjoying drinking from! Drink lots of liquids and stay in the shade :parasol_on_ground:


most of our plants are doing okay, we are watering new planted tree’s and young tree’s, pots, planters etc, all our hanging planters are self-watering so only topping them up really, we have an auto watering system in the greenhouse, and I have a pump in our water butt we use on the veg, we have two large water butts linked up but it won’t last long, then it will be tap water again.
we are keeping wildlife water trays full and birdbaths and feeding where we can
We have also been starting between 05:30-6am so we can get the hot jobs out of the way and finish early.

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That all sounds good, both your experiences similar to ours. I’m hoping for a huge downpour but I don’t think we’re going to get it…

We still have a good amount of rain water but not if it stays dry through August too.

I’ve put out a couple of water trays for wildlife as well.