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  1. What’s your gardening situation?
  2. Where abouts in the world are you roughly?
  3. How much gardening experience have you got?
  4. Favourite gardening magazine / newspaper?
  5. Favourite garden?
  6. Fave gardening book?
  7. Do you have a favourite overall plant?
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30 yrs here in north London. Cottage garden style front and back. Fave gdn East Lambrook Manor, Somerset and Gravetye Manor, Sussex. No edibles tho. Failed with an allotment so gave it up. Love being in the garden all year round. No mags but lots of online inspiration. GW of course. Love sharing on SM and with my blog Excited to join here.


Welcome to the club Julie! :smiley: I’ve not been to East Lambrook Manor, I really must put that on the list for whenever we are free from lockdown.

I’ve just moved to a new build with a small back garden, but have been lucky enough to get an allotment, here in South Norfolk. I have rudimentary gardening experience, but work with woodland charities, having a passion for the wilder side of things. I’ve started getting Grow Your Own, but tend to look online. I love the garden at Wyken Fen Vineyard Suffolk and rely on an old copy of Successful Organic Gardening by Geoff Hamilton. I don’t have a favourite plant, but at the moment I am loving the carpet swathes of woodland Celandine against the soft green early tree buds.

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I’m Claire and I’m a self employed gardener, currently unable to work much as my son is in self isolation (type one diabetic) chez Fifi.

I recently moved to a cute little house near the New Forest. The garden is already quite established and full of gorgeous roses, lots of clematis and a huge standard wisteria. I’m not doing too much to the back garden this year whilst I see what’s there. I have put in two raised beds for cut flowers and veg.

The front garden is mainly laid to lawn and so I’ve begun to dig it up to replace with a mix of grasses, seed sown annuals, shrubby herbs and perennials. I did this at my previous home and it proved a success. The main aim is to provide lots of pollinator friendly plants with a long season of interest.

My fav gardening mags are The Garden (RHS journal) and Gardener’s World.

It’s hard to choose a fav garden. I used to visit Wisley regularly when I lived in Twickenham. Now Exbury is my nearest garden but of course, it’s closed. I managed to visit it once before the lockdown. Glorious magnolias and massive rhododendrons. I’m also very fond of Waterperry, Hyde Hall, The Savill Gardens and Mottisfont Abbey. Hoping that they’ll re-open in the summer.

My fave gardening book? Jack, are you looking for a plug? Lol. I have so many to choose from! If you can call it a “gardening” book I adore Merry Hall by Beverley Nichols. Hilarious anecdotes. I have visited his old garden in Ham and it is utterly charming.

Favourite plant? Blimey! What a question! Too many to list however I’m extremely partial to lilies , dahlias , roses and salvias. If I had a huge conservatory I would fill it with Ensete , oranges, and wildly exotic scented passionflowers and a ylang ylang tree.

Thanks for setting up this community.


Hi, this made me smile as it took me right back to my start in online gardening - Allotments 4 All message board. I had two plots at the time plus a garden (greedy I know) and happy to share what I know of veg gardening in the wild. Now have a big garden that had been neglected, concentrating on revitalising it, making it easier to manage and improving the hedges. Love herbaceous borders, rubbish at using my greenhouse, currently building a wildlife pond.

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Hi Justine! Welcome aboard! How fab to have a small private garden and an allotment for more growing space, much like my set up and it works. I’ll have to look into Wyken Fen Vineyard as I’ve not heard of that. I love the celandine and general spring freshness too, I swear it makes the air fresher to breath in!

Hey Claire! Sounds like a fab house and garden you’ve landed with! I love the idea of removing bits of lawn, not because I’m totally against lawns but because it’s like a blank canvas you can play around with. And good plan watching the back garden for now, it’s kinda fun seeing what surprises might pop up.

haha yeah, is your fave book Wild about Weeds or Wild about Weeds? :joy: I should add an ‘apart from my own’ as I’m more interested in other books to read!

Thanks for joining, it’s great to have you here!

Hiya Froglets, :joy: it is like an old school gardening message board! Exciting to have a big new plot to explore and make your own! I think there’s nothing more exciting than that as a gardener, a blank canvas to make your own.

Hi everyone,

I was on Jack’s previous forum at Viewtopia I think it was but that was ages ago. Nice to join a community again.

Been in my current garden in Stafford for 11 years now. It was very much the blank canvas containing very little in the way of plants other than an overgrown apple tree and a vast expense of weedy lawn.
There is now no lawn remaining with a patio, pond, greenhouse and an experimental wildflower “lawn”.

I have a big passion for Australasian plants focusing on Callstemons and Melaleucas ( Bottlebrushes and Honey mytles) but also love Irises and perennial plantings. Inside the house my partner and I share the space with a growing army of houseplants and in the winter some of the tender Oz plants.

My favourite gardening magazine is GW and favourite garden is Trentham gardens just up the road from me. Favourite gardening book has to be Tropical garden style with hardy plants by Alan Hemsley.

Fav Plant : whatever one I am looking at at that moment. It would probably be the Royal hakea from a small part of western Australia. It has stiff variegated leaves in a range of colours - cream, yellow, orange, red. As a result of this the overall appearance of the plant is both bizarre and spectacular and it is almost impossible to grow in the UK without a massive greenhouse as it needs huge amounts of light and hot dry summers.

Looking forward to getting some hints and tips from you all.


Hi Jack and everybody. We moved to West Cork three and a half years ago to what had been out holiday home. When we arrived in 2003 we thought how wonderful. An acre of land. However, on the next few visits we found up an acre of brambles, gorse and nettles as high as ourselves- and more! It had been a field and all the trees were felled for cattle. So over the subsequent years tried to work on it to keep some of the wild but to make it more manageable. We planted many trees as there were NO trees or shrubs save for Scots pines on our rock. We’re getting there.

We now have an orchard,(posh name for some apple trees but I love it!) a gravelled area with various plants and beyond that a wildflower meadow( hard work!!) and a polytunnel. We have a stream down one side of the garden and a huge rock down the other side. We plant as many native trees as possible but love playing about with other plants too. We have a bog area and are aiming at making a couple of ponds because we need frogs for slugs.

We are lucky to be able to leave plants that have self seeded in the drive or anywhere really. We have lots of three cornered leek, nettles, foxgloves, honeysuckle and Ivy just growing wherever takes their fancy.
We learn as we go. We make many, many mistakes.

Ours is not a formal garden but is quite open to the elements and we have no boundary walls or hedges. We live on a windswept peninsula so have to choose wisely. We have recently planted more sloes, sea buckthorn, hollies, oleria and willows on the top of the rock.

My husband was doing part 1 of the RHS course but never completed as we decided to move lock, stock and barrel here. Most of our knowledge we have had to gain from reading anything and everything and be guided by friends and neighbours. When we arrived we were told, ‘ you won’t be able to grow anything here’ but we are pleased to say that we are proving them wrong.

We try to be as self sufficient as possible but spend time with our children and grandchildren in Oz so we can’t keep animals. However we swap our vegetables and fruit for eggs and plants and now our neighbour has a hive. The bees will use our flowers and they will give us honey in return!
Sorry that was really long!

Anyway we always need advice and use the gardening community on Twitter as well so this will be another resorce for ideas and advice! Phew. Ok I’ll go now. :grinning:


Gardening is my passion and my therapy from my life as a teacher. During lockdown I have been renovating a previously overgrown area of the garden and filling it with divided perennials.

  1. I live in Cheshire and have approximately a third of an acre. The garden is split into 4 areas. A front garden with lawn, large shrubs and perennials. A side garden with large koi pond that I have planted with ‘jungle’ plants and fiery colours, the back garden is in two sections, the first area is lawned with cottage garden planting and the rear area is part woodland planting and veggy patch.
    I have learned about gardening through trial and error and many hours of pottering. My design style is ‘more is more’. I love mixing colours in an informal herbaceous border. My plant passion at the moment is the dahlia.
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Hello, I’m Iris.

I live in Vancouver on the west coast of Canada. I live in an apartment and have a small west facing balcony that I grow ornamentals, leafy greens and tomatoes in containers. Recently I got a raised bed in a community gardnen, about 2 square meters big. Been experimenting with how best to use that.

Growing up, my family only had a lawn. Not a single plant otherwise outside or in. I fell into the houseplant addiction (haha) about 6 years ago and expanded into container gardening 3 years ago. Still so much to learn especially how to plan when to plant and what and what orientation in my raised bed. I also want to learn how to save my own seeds.

My favourites are The Planthunter, an online publication, which is superb! ( Bookwise, I would go with Second Nature by Michael Pollan. Favourite garden is very hard… but I’d say le Jardin botanique de Montreal because it’s the first one I’ve ever been to.

I don’t think I have an overall favourite plant, that’s too hard. I really like trees. At the moment, favourites are cyclamen coum and been recently introduced to pulsatilla vulgaris, the flowers are so soft!!

It’s great to meet everyone on here :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Vanina. I live in Brockley in South East London, although I’m originally Italian.

I have what is a fairly generous garden for a 2 bed flat - around 15m by 5m. When we moved here 5 years ago there were only brambles and no fences, so I’ve been working hard on making this a garden and learning along the way! See for the current situation. My mum is an amazing gardener but before this flat I definitely had very limited experience. I now spend a lot of time on the RHS website.

Favourite book is difficult - I’ve been pilfering my mum’s huge gardening book collection and I’ve got loads to get through! I really enjoyed Green by Ula Maria most recently, and I do love Gardens Illustrated.

Favourite gardens - easy peasy! Sissinghurst and my mum’s garden (

I love peonies and dahlias. And pelargoniums! Nice smells in the garden are a big thing for me.

Nice to meet you all!



My name is Michaela and I live in Kent.
I just asked for an allotment and it looks promising. Fingers crossed I will be posting some photos.
I am complete newbie so will probably ask many questions.
Favourite gardening book “Monty Don The Complete Gardener”
Favourite magazine “Gardening World”
Favourite garden " Sisinghurst" but any garden with flower borders really.
I don’t really have a favourite plant but love dahlias.
Glad I found this place, lots of great tips and advice. :slight_smile:


I love that blue garden seat :slight_smile:

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eBay £40! With a coat of paint it looks expensive!


Welcome to everyone who has just joined, it’s great to see this place filling up so fast and to read a little bit about each of us! :slight_smile: Hope you’ve enjoyed at least some sun this weekend, I was grateful for a little rain on Friday night that’s for sure - we haven’t had any for a month until that point!


Hi everyone- this is a great site and looks to be really useful as a forum to chat about all things gardens!
I’m learning, have a garden of 2/3rds of an acre in the Highlands of Scotland. It’s been a family garden but now just us at home so no more swings, slides or sandpits!! So far me and hubby (he does most of the physical work as I’ve got RA) have planted and maintained a hedge all around the perimeter to afford some wind protection. We used Western Hemlock as it’s hardy and not susceptible to windburn - so far so good! We’ve bought a greenhouse from EBay and a potting shed in the sale so raring to go but on hold for now as can’t go out for non-essentials. Must admit sometimes the scale of it all and trying to plan for the best layouts is scary but a good scary. Hope I’ll learn lots from chatting and I might even be able to pass on some ideas later!:sunflower: