How to stop my Dahila leafs being eaten

Me again. Thanks for your patience.
I have planted lots of Dahilas in my containers and raised beds.
The leafs are being eaten as soon as the leafs come up.
What can I do to deter any bugs?
Iā€™m not sure what is eating the leafs there are no slugs and snails in containers I cannot see any aphids.
Thank you for any advice and tips.

Cathy :blush:

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I have Flea Beetle. Slugs also Snails are cute and Hungary. Try beer in a container. I spray with Pravado.


I have two Dahlias and put one of these at the base of each and nothing has touched them this year:


It will almost certainly be slugs or snails, unless you can see any caterpillars on the leaves. Once they start growing away, they will be fine but you might need to protect them a little more around the base with copper rings if you can get some.


Thanks Jack. My learning curve is massive. Im loving it.