How to prep Raised beds

Hi. My name is Cathy. I am a very novice gardener.
My husband brought me a ready made wood raised bed.
How do I prepare to be able to use this. Do I line and what else to I need to?
Thank you.

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Hi Cathy, I would line the bottom with as much brown cardboard as you can. You can then add compost on top. If you will need too much compost to fill, I would layer up with grass cuttings and shredded leaves or cardboard with a final’ compost’ layer on top. I too am a bit of a novice, but have learnt to save as much compostable material as possible to save buying in compost. Hope this helps! Good luck.


Thank you. This has really helped. I have loads of home made compost so I will use this to it into my raised bed