How many squashes do you get per plant?

I’m thinking squashes as ours are producing nicely at the moment. I have the large ‘Musquee de Provence’ which has two squash per plant but it’s still growing well and I wondered how many more to expect :thinking: if any. The smaller summer squashes are still going nicely too, they all slowed down production when it was super hot but the recent rain has them growing again nicely.

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There are a LOT of variables, like moisture, temp that season, etc. but I found that when I grow Uchiki Kuri (the biggest squashes I grow), I usually get 1-2/plant (if there is a third it is ususlly diddy). I have got more fruits (about 4/plant) from smaller squashes like dumplings and the acorns.

The space required to get enough fruits is why I now grow mine upwards: three plants on each teepee does well for two of us :sunglasses:

Yup, squashes HATE chilly weather, they just shut down, but if it warms up they can pop back to production - it is just a matter of enough good weather to get them finished

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Thank you :pray: I guess the only way to know is to grow the same varieties every year and take an average.

I’ve grown Blue Kuri for the last few years and tend to get the huge return of one or two per plant! The plants are huge, easily 20 foot long, but, in terms of flowers, are a good metaphor for much of human civilization - very much male dominated…
I’ve also grown Honey Bear in the past, but ran out of seeds this year. They are much better value for space, with 4 -5 squashes per compact plant. Squashes are smaller, but but just right for one or two people. I’d highly them if you are limited for space.


I’m growing Honey Bear this year! Not many fruit yet but I noticed some were starting to form, a little late I guess.

Oh dear, might be a bit late. From past experience, they need to be pretty much full size by the end of August. From now on, the dreaded mildew is likely to massacre the leaves. However, being positive, hopefully your urban heat bubble will protect you from such woes, and your babies reach a happy maturity!

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I hope so :grimacing: fingers crossed