How long does a grass seeded lawn take to establish?

I’ve done a bit of reseeding lawns in the past but I’ve never created a whole one from scratch with grass seed. How long does it take for one to get established until it’s okay to walk on? I’ve heard estimates as long as between six to twelve months!

And also, what’s the earliest in the spring that you can start the process, ie what average temperature is suitable?

I’d wait until the night temps are at least 5C personally though you can probably try sooner - it’s just that it will grow faster at this temperature beating the other seedlings!

Really, 12 months is ideal but it depends how quickly the grass grows. 6 months would probably be OK I would think because grasses tend to form good little clumps by that point. It would just be sensible to go gently on that lawn in the first year, even if people do use it.

I’ve found that even when turves are used it takes the second season before the root systems are fully established.

Unfortunately it will be a bit of ‘see how it grows’ and explaining this to the client I think.

Sounds like you have a great lawn project on the go :slight_smile:

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Brilliant, thank you :slight_smile: I did a bit of research, I found Cotswold Seeds really helpful, I phoned them up and quizzed them about different mixes, sowing rates etc.

I’d love for the project to be mostly a forest & wildlife garden but looks like the client is going to go for the cheapest, easiest option ie 100% lawn! :yawning_face:

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