How can I grow a Cercis canadensis Forest Pansy successfully in a pot?

I’ve wanted a C. canadensis for some time but I have a very small garden. I’m cutting down a Fatsia and want to put a large pot with a Cersis in its place. What growing medium would you use to give it the best chance. Thanks.

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Welcom Fiona, I don’t have an answer but am interested to see what others suggest. I would love that tree too but wonder how big it gets.

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Only in a very large container, I’d say approx 1m wide or more. The tree wants to be 4 - 5 metres.

You could grow in smaller pots, slowly potting up each year if you wanted to grow in a pot for a few years before it goes into the ground.

It gets big Julie. I love how big trees are described as small - medium trees. Quite subjective and probably from the days when most houses had larger gardens. :slight_smile:

Thanks Jack. I’m buying it smallish and I can always pass it on if it gets too big in a few years. :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a plan. You could grow it on for a few years and then sell it on as a larger plant! lol Make a profit for the replacement.

Good point. People probably popped it in the orchard, or the woodland area, or around the tennis court, or down by the stream or in the lower slopes or upper meadows!!!

That’s my cunning plan Jack unless I miraculously aquire a larger garden. Either that or donate it to our unloved local park.

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That’s a good idea, then you can still enjoy it when you go for walks :slight_smile: