Help!- firefighting weeds are in large area

I am looking for any tips on how to manage a large area that was cleared about 2 years as it was completely overgrown.We are trying to create a woodland garden and have planted several trees. We have also made some paths. We are gradually planting it with plants such as ferns,hostas,astilbe,fox glove etc. The problem is that,we simply haven’t got enough plants. The result is that I am constantly fighting the weeds. The main culprits are Dock,nettle , sticky Willie and other annuals. Wild garlic and celandine are gradually taking over and are overshadowing the plants that I have planted. When the growing season starts it is full of plants and hundreds of daffodils and bluebells,so much so that weeds creep in in noticed until we are overwhelmed with them. I want to keep some of the plants that have simply appeared and try to focus on one area- weeding, planting and mulching, but while I do that, the rest of the garden is merrily romping away and setting seed. I don’t mind slightly wild,but am getting a bit overwhelmed and it wouldn’t take long before it is a complete mess again. Any ideas or tips much appreciated! Some pictures below:

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Geraniums are your friends they will create good filler ground cover.

Though with dock, nettle, celandine and wild garlic, I would suggest to keep weeding constantly for another year to fully get rid of these.

Celandine will be virtually impossible to get rid of so I would incorporate it into your plans.

Thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I have already planted a few geraniums and have got Rozanne on order. Are there any others that you recommend for ground cover? I prefer the blue colours as I have lots of pink foxglove. I have also moved some Alchimilla Mollis and although I know this can go mad, I will probably let it self seed.
I will have to get propagating even more, I think!
Wild garlic will be a challenge, as there is so much of it. I was going to tackle it but leave smaller patches, or do you think this is asking for trouble?

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Asking for trouble although if you remove the flowers, the bulbs will simply multiply in a localised patch and it manageable.