Have you tried overwintering Solenostemon cuttings? (aka Coleus)

I can root cuttings of Soleneostemon no problem but getting them through winter on a windowsill seems to be an impossible task no matter what I do. I can only think it is lack of strong enough light. I wondered if anyone has managed to do this successfully, and if so, what do you do?! :smile:

Timely question, as I was thinking I should take some cuttings of my favs. Same issue here; I have large bright sunroom and they kind of limp along over the winter looking sad.

As I have a couple of grow lights for starting off chillies and toms, this last batch got a bit of a holiday last Feb/March and they did perk up.

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That’s interesting because I do suspect it is light levels rather than heat that affects them but it’s hard to say. I don’t really understand why they aren’t liking our flat because in old houseplant books they’re listed as easy houseplants to keep as an evergreen indoor shrub! I’ve tried so many times but it never works :frowning: