Have I killed my maple

Hello all.

I have a small Japanese Maple Tree. A couple of weeks ago the leafs developed powdery mildew. I sprayed the leafs with water & bicarbonate soda mix. The leaf have turned brown and crispy after. Do you think that has caused the damage? The Tree is in a large slate container under daple shade and I water well and feed 1-2 weekly.

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It’s going to be a problem with watering - if the leaves don’t come back in spring it will be dead.

Do you grow everything in pots or can you plant some things in the ground? I’ve noticed with your questions quite often the issue seems to be around watering, either too much or too little. Planting in the ground will make this much easier, if you can. Don’t be disheartened, watering is a tricky thing to get right and even hard to advise on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: it’s a bit of trial and error until you get the knack, and it sounds like you have the right approach to keep trying and growing lots of different things :slight_smile:

Remember with the acer, it was super hot this week and the leaves much just be frazzled.

Hi Jack.
Thanks for the advice. I’m a container gardener as its a shared area with no beds, we do have a lovely large lawn. I think I over water and feed. All other plants I have are great. I moved the Acer from South facing wall to under daple share of tree as I noticed heat burn on the leafs. The bark/ braches of the acer is still green when i gently scratched it.
Thanks :blush: :+1:

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If it helps I grow Acer palmatum ‘Octopus’ in a glazed earthenware pot filled with JI2 compost. I mulch it each year with leaf compost and water mainly with rainwater. It is part shaded by an Abies and perennials in the summer and late afternoon by a neighbour’s Leylandii hedge. During hot weather (as of the past few days) I cover it with horticultural fleece to prevent the leaves scorching.

My Acer isn’t in the ground as the one it replaced died of Phytophthora root-rot.

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Hello Paul. What shall I do now to care for mine and hopefully nurse it back to life? Do you think mine has rootrot?

How often shall I water/feed?

Thank you very much.

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Phytophthora is a soil born disease associated with waterlogged soils but growing in shop bought compost should not be a problem. Mildew is often due to dry conditions but as Jack says over compensating with over watering can lead to root rot (though not Phytophthora per se). Plus Japanese maples like damp but free draining - so getting the watering right may be tricky. Try carefully lifting the plant to inspect the roots and compost to see how wet it is and the state of the root run. Repot into ideally acidic peat-free compost, maybe into a smaller pot and place it somewhere shaded/ part shaded out of the way. Water sparingly. If it recovers you can then repot back into the original pot.

If you want further information try contacting a specialist UK Acer nursery. Specialist nurseries are mostly very willing to help and so much better that Googling for information.