Has anyone NOT dried out a Hippeastrum / Amarylis?

So I’m looking at our Hippeastrum which I’ve grown now for about 6-7 years and I always stop watering and dry it out from around August for a few months, which knocks the leaves back eventually - they take a surprisingly long time to die back. It’s October and I haven’t watered for 6 weeks and the leaves are still green.

This got me to thinking. What happens if Hippeastrum don’t have this spell of drying out? We call it a rest but it feels more like torture, the Hippeastrum doesn’t look like it would die back naturally like outdoor bulbs.

I need to look more into its natural growing area in the wild.

I wondered if anyone has ever just kept watering them year round? Obviously not soaking them to rot them, but ensuring they never fully dry out enough to kill the leaves.

Hi Jack,
I have the same feelings like you - I just can’t let them dry out. :sweat_smile: But they don’t reward me for it, they do not bloom or bloom very rarely. I think I need to be harder on them and torture them more in the future. :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


Haha thanks Maria, that answers my question I guess that they do need the dormancy enforcing. I think I’ll keep drying it out this year as usual in that case.

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I must admit I am cruel to mine. They get forgotten about regularly and this summer I dumped them out in the garden. I felt bad about this so last week, I thought that I would bring them in a repot / refresh them. VERY soggy pots :confused:. So I emptied them out on Sunday to let them dry out a bit before repotting. Look what just showed up

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Oh a flower already!

Not by any plan, design, or skill on my part - and I swear it was not there on Sunday BOOM! :bomb: rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

My OH can never remember the name of them and calls them triffids…maybe he is onto something?

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