Has anyone ever had artificial grass recycled with evidence?

The more I research into this, the more evidence I find that artificial grass is not being recycled in the UK for home owners to date. Some larger corporate sports pitches maybe, but even then there is very little evidence. And the processes involved sound like they need lots of chemicals, energy and transport in any case.

Hi, Lee Burkhill had a pretty thorough piece on artificial turf on his blog; ( incl recycling) - you may want to query him for more evidence. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks - I was just wondering if anyone on here has or has heard of someone who has as I’d rather speak to people directly with first hand experience - I’ve been speaking to a number of companies so have all of the actual details of the companies that recycle and how it could be possible. But I simply don’t believe it is actually happening.

I can only say anything not in the green (waste food in bags) goes in either, the brown, doubt it that’s tins bottles etc. Not in blue bin that’s paper, that leaves the black bin. Anything not acceptable in the first three. Goes in the black.

Ask bin men.