Hardy climbers that flower for ages

We have a wall that is really exposed on our drive in Yorkshire. I’m trying to think of super hardy climbers for this spot that flowers all summer long… that isn’t a rose. If anyone has any thoughts or experience with such a thing, I’d love some inspiration.

this is probably not what you’re looking for but saw this today and it looked very nice. Your typical bog standard privet hedge with a vinca running through it:

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Beautiful, I love white vinca - I’m looking for something bigger really but a great combo for other situations!

What about Firethorn? Ours is in a north facing garden on clay soil and thrives. Once established it will race up a wall plus it’s evergreen and the berries are a great colour and birds love them. I’m assuming you want evergreen but if not, Virginia Creeper would be good.


That’s a good idea, I do love it, despite its lethal thorns! :slight_smile: It’s a beautiful plant though for all the reasons you mention.

We have some honeysuckle that is exposed to coastal winds and seems to do really well. Is evergreen too,smells gorgeous. I can’t remember how long it flowers for though,but feel free to ask me at the end of the year!

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Just thought- maybe add a clematis Montana, which we also have- currently smothered in pink flowers. This is also against a South facing wall but completely exposed to coastal winds. This would extend your flowering season.

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Thanks Jules those are great ideas!